IA/ UX /AB Testing


Quick, transparent, and trusted pre-approval

About CF Projects

Avail financing easily with competitive EMIs and speed to get their desired car. To make sure to engage users, ensuring greater transparency, personalization, and reduction of cognitive biases in order to facilitate favorable loan decisions and build trust.

My Role

Understand the business requirements, create a scalable design, and manage the design for all countries. Also, showcased impact managed the expectation of different PMs, and aligned the team. 

Target Metrics
  • Currently, it is 12-15 days to final approval we want to improve by 6-9 days, 50-30%.
  • In CL Leads (2.7x), Pre-approval requests(2.5x), Loan Pre-approvals (2.1x) achieved.

Note: This project is under NDA. Let’s discuss more in the discussion.

B2B/Concept Ideation/ IA/ UX /Internal Marketing


An automated and efficient way to manage loans

About LOS & LMS Project

To make loans more efficient, and address the internal issues faced by thee users in Beclever, speedier and automate the loan origination, processing, and end-to-end loan approval management.  In LOS make it easy and intuitive for the F&I user to easily capture data required for further processing. LMS will streamline processes by replacing multiple vendor software and manual Excel works performed by the Ops and Collection teams. 

My Role

Managed the stakeholder’s expectations, mentored the team, aligned the users’ needs and business goals, and crafted a scalable design that is usable, aesthetically appealing, and intuitive, to improve loan approval satisfaction.

Target Metrics
  • Reduce loan pre-approval turnaround time (walk-in) and loan decision time by half (currently 2 days)
  • Bring F&I and Risk Analyst interaction into the LOS platform (currently offline, 36% sent back by risk, 11% re-works)
  • Increase ops efficiency from 15 to 18 loans per month
  • Increase loans handled by collection executive from 225 to 400

Note: This project is under NDA. Let’s discuss more in the discussion.

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IA/ UX /Branding


Creating an experience for Star alliance customer

About Star Alliance Project

To meet the current user’s needs and improve the user experience with an understanding of business & technology challenges and incorporating the new branding of Star Alliance.

My Role

Managed the different stakeholders, proposed the project timeline. aligning and managing the client’s expectations, and converted the exisiting complex IA into scalable IA. Getting the final approvals with all stakeholders at all major milestones. Delivered the visual design with the team, handover and support the technology team for final delivery.

  • The AWS platform has helped decrease the total cost of ownership and brings agility to the release and deployment process while strengthening portal infrastructure and information security.
  • Google Analytics insights suggest consistent website traffic and desired viewer behaviors. This has helped Star Alliance meet member airline and customer expectations.
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Design Intitative/UX /Workshop

Virtual Assistance

Nudging the user during the journey with offers/ better deals/ push finance etc.

About Virtual Assistance Project

Virtual assistance helps the buyer to navigate through the app seamlessly, and also, assists the user in achieving their goals and solving their pain points. Take feedback & give recommendations based on his last search and also ease of use for less tech-savvy users.

My Role

The design-initiated project, Initiated by the workshop planning & facilitation to align the PMs, Tech, Analytics, Research, and Design. Took the authority and created the final design with the design team. Proposed & pitched it to the other packs to scale.

Target Metrics
  • Increase in response and closure
  • Improved  the conversion rate
  • Decreased drop-rate. 
  • Assistance engagement increased
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UX Design Process


The web portal of travel agent’s dashboard for better digital communication with the system.

About TravelTriangle Project

TravelTriangle came with the requirements that many of the features launched were never explored by the agents. Secondly, the learning curve of their agents didn’t match the system.

My Role

Defined the product scope with the stakeholders. Created a strategy & vision for a scalable framework that mapped with users’ mental model, improved information architecture and interaction patterns to help users with their decision making. Planned & collaborated with the designers, traveltriangle stakeholders, and the development team to produce product features for the platform. Partnered with the design team to uncover insights and ideation into features to address customer behaviors & their motivations. Planned and presented the milestones to the stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle to get insights and feedback.

  • The agent’s onboarding & learning curve is improved by 30%.
  • The new feature adoptions increased due to the improved IA & design based on the travel agent’s mental model.


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Data-Driven Design


Enchasing the filter’s search result experience for better conversion.

About Shopclue’s Filters  Experience

Constantly working to improve the search experience through the interface, taxonomy, and algorithm improvements. Our objective was to get the different contexts of the use of filters to get a better result.

My Role

Defined the strategy of the filters with PMs, developers, and the design team with the user’s context of use. Planned the IA of various types of filters on different pages. Coordinated with the design team and explored the concept and idea of filters and track the result with the PMs.



With the quick filters which were “top preferences”, the search results saw an engagement increase of 20%, and result in the conversion rate was increased by 16%.

The UX improvement in the “advanced filters”, which made the user more persuasive for the usage of filters increased engagement by 15%, and cart conversion increased by 10%.

While doing the data analysis, introduced a new feature “refine by” filters which was also a variant filter that made cart conversion increase by 8%. The overall 1.7% conversion gain on m-site is 10.2% gain on filter usage.

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Virtual Design Sprint (Offline/Online)


About Design Sprint Workshop

Design Sprint worked to plan for

  • Quickly develop, test, and validate the best ideas
  • Speed up timelines and shrink costs dramatically
  • Empower cross-functional teams to be change-makers and owners of the product
  • Expand mindsets by removing barriers to innovation
  • Turn innovation into action with immediate solutions to important challenges
My Role

Participated in multiple design sprints as a facilitator. My responsibility is to transform the team’s input into a testable prototype. Some sprints have resulted in shipped online tools after testing, while others were exploratory and conceptual research for future development.

  • Impartiality creates business objectives alignment and high-quality interactions.
  • Strong and clear communication to do tasks.
  • Encourages cooperative interactions.
  • Can resolve minor conflicts or overcome bottlenecks.
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Usability & UX Workshop


Recommendations for an app on how to reduce perceive risk and make it more user-friendly.

About EKO Fundu App

EKO network came up with a bold idea for a Fundu app.

What if a user needed small amounts of cash in an emergency situation? For example, in case of a medical emergency at night, when most EKO agents were closed – could select a nearby user who had extra cash to pay for this, and receives it in exchange for a person-to-person (P2P) digital money transfer.

My Role

I led the design team and facilitated the UX process & usability. Ideated & participated in the workshop with the stakeholders. Develop a quick prototype based on insights, tested it with the users and did the usability analysis, and delivered the final presentation.

Note: This project is under NDA. Let’s discuss more in the discussion.

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Project Quick Snapshot

Just to show multi-displinary domain experience, please review the quick case study & snapshot for project overview.


Virtual training program for customer sales executive.

The challenge was to make the customer sales officer’s training intuitive in their learning & development banking process. WBT’s were used to get trained people, but it was very monotonous to play.

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Big data framework for all analytics solutions to extract data.

Guavus, being a big data company wanted to build a general framework, where they can extract information from the data.

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Redefining the user experience of home buying portal

Homesfy provides a property rental platform came with the requirement of re-designing their website and rental portal experience as per the current trends.

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