The web portal of travel agent’s dashboard for better digital communication with the system.

TravelTriangle came with the requirements that many of the features launched were never explored by the agents. Secondly, the learning curve of their agents didn’t match with the system.

EKO Financial Inclusion

Recommendations for an app on how to reduce perceive risk and make more user-friendly.

EKO network came up with a bold idea for a Fundu app.

What if a user who needed small amounts of cash in an emergency situation? For example, in case of a medical emergency at night, when most EKO agents were closed – could select a nearby user who had extra cash to pay for this, and receives it in exchange as a person-to-person (P2P) digital money transfer.


Enchasing the filter’s search result experience for better conversion.

We were constantly working to improve the search experience through the interface, taxonomy and algorithm improvements. Our objective was to get the different context of the use for filters to get the better result.

Project Quick Snapshot

Just to show multi-displinary domain experience, please review the quick case study & snapshot for project overview.

Branch Banking Simulation

Virtual training program for customer sales executive.

The challenge was to make the customer sales officer’s training intuitive in their learning & development banking process. WBT’s were used to get trained people, but it was very monotonous to play.

Guavus – Big Data Analytics

Big data framework for all analytics solution to extract data.

Guavus, being a big data company wanted to build a general framework, where they can extract information from the data.

Redefining the user experience of home buying portal

Homesfy provides a property rental platform came with the requirement of re-designing their website and rental portal experience as per the current trends.

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